Posted by kasomor on August 17, 2013 at 1:55 AM

Thrilled to share that Tikka became an OBEDIENCE TRIAL CHAMPION on one weekend in August 2013. Earning her first two UD qualifying scores on the Saturday and the third one, for the title, the next afternoon!

She also was HIGH IN CLASS all three times!

It was a tough, tough venue with dogs dropping like flies because of the conditions. My handler error on the Sunday morning DQ'd her in the Signal Exercise.

Slow down is my advice to handlers in the field many times and it applies to me in the obedience ring as well! However, I really shouldn't complain as this building has been good to me.... she was awarded her first Best Puppy In Group there 5 years ago!

I had taken her in the UD ring twice before and lost her both times on the "scent discrimination" section because I was doing a flying send. Once I changed that I knew it would only be a matter of time for the title but I am completely blown away and proud as can be that she earned it this fast!!

Many thanks to Maureen Murray of TNT Training for her YEARS of coaching me! Actually, I am a bad student as I only do obedience for three months of the year...rest of the time it's field...:D

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