Am/NSDTR CH Aqueus Hop To It MH, WCX Can WCI OA OAJ x 
DOB MAY 29, 2014

Kimber is from Tikka's final litter. Her sire is the multi talented Pint; the youngest toller to ever achieve an AKC Master Hunter title. So she has pretty big paw prints to follow in but is more then up to the task!!

Kimber has grown up being my "Class Demo Dog" at TNT Training Center where I teach Competitive and Social Obedience. She will eventually follow in her mothers path in the obedience ring but I am enjoying the journey and the nuances of teaching her so I am in no hurry to enter her.

She was only shown in the conformation ring once as a puppy and earned a BEST PUPPY IN GROUP!!
Kimber finished her CHAMPIONSHIP in early 2017 with a flourish! Going Best of Opposite Sex over Specials for her final points. She is well started on her Grand Championship but field is calling and that is where you will find her for the next while.

Kimber easily earned her JUNIOR HUNTER title in three straight tests before she was 9 months old. She earned her WORKING CERTIFICATE title at the NSDTRCC 2015 National Specialty.

From an early age she became know for the air time she gets on her FLYING water entries. Birdy, bidable, with great water courage, I am looking forward to going where ever this little dog will take me.

Kimber had her first hunting season in 2015/ 2016. She took to it...well, like a Duck Tolling Retriever! A natural and persistent hunter; she has an excellent nose and saved me money on shot chasing down multiple pheasants.  

Tikka was not happy... Kimber is FAST. For Tikka to get any ducks, Kimber had to stay home.

April 2016, Kimber earns back to back SENIOR HUNTER passes at the Lab Club of BC Hunt Test. She earned her third SENIOR HUNTER pass at the Kamloops Gun Dog Hunt Test at the end on May 2016. Great achievement for my little girl before her 2nd Birthday!!

Health Clearances

Hips -  OFA DTR-2209G/26F- VPI

Elbows - OFA DTR-EL985/26F-VPI

Patella - OFA DTR-PA378/26F/P-VPI

Cardiac - OFA DTR-CA1094/17F/C-VPI

JADD OFA - Clear By Parentage

CP1 OFA - Clear By Parentage
DEN - University Of Missouri- Normal
PRA - Paw Print Genetics- Clear/ Normal
CEA - Paw Print Genetics- Clear/ Normal
CDDY/ at risk for IVDD - VGL - N/CDDY

Kimber earned her Working Certificate Intermediate and Working Certificate Excellent titles on July 9 & 10, 2016 at the Golden Retriever Club of BC tests.

She completed her SENIOR HUNTER title on Sept 10, 2016. Her work was second to none and I couldn't be more pleased. She runs HARD, with a lot of style, is a pin point marker and usually lines her blinds. Her line manners are impeccable and she has water courage too. She is a very fun dog to watch run with her flying entry and her pounce onto the birds. Plus she is a quiet worker too!!

At the first test of the season in April 2017. Kimber earned her first MASTER HUNTER pass.

SHE'S ON A ROLL!! Kimber earned back to back MASTER HUNTER passes at the Golden Retriever Club of BC May 2017 Hunt Test!! All this before her 3rd Birthday!!

Another MASTER HUNTER pass for Kimber, bringing the total to four, at the Fraser Valley Retriever Training Club in June 2017!! One more pass to go for the title.

Kimber earns her MASTER HUNTER TITLE at the Regina Retriever Club July 2017 Hunt Test, at just over 3 years old!! Kimber is the 5th toller bitch to earn a CKC Master Hunter title.

Kimber is fully trained thru UTILITY Obedience too. I will be trialing her in the winter of 2018, after her first litter is born. 

Kimber made her debut in the obedience ring on September 22-23, 2017. She earned her COMPANION DOG TITLE, qualifying in all three trials she was entered in.  With scores of 199, 199, 197 ½, PLUS earning  two High In Class awards.

What a fabulous year 2017 was for Kimber! Earning her CHAMPIONSHIP, MASTER HUNTER and her COMPANION DOG TITLES… PLUS a litter of 9 puppies!!

This qualifies her for the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada Dobirstein Versatility Award.

Kimber is my third generation Dobirstein Award recipient , following her mother, Tikka and her grandma, Trio, paw prints.

Kimber earned her COMPANION DOG EXCELLENT over two trials in March 2018. With an average Open HB score of 195.5 and another HIC score.

She whelped her first litter in December 2017. After the puppies had gone to their new homes she was back in the field and obedience. Kimber earned 4 more MASTER HUNTER and a couple of UTILITY DOG during 2018.

Kimber finishes her UTILITY DOG TITLE and earns her OBEDIENCE TRIAL CHAMPIONSHIP in March 2019. She was out of commission for much of the 2019 Hunt Test season due to a broken toe. None the less, she passed the two MASTER HUNTER tests she was entered in.

She whelped her second litter September 2019. 

September 2020- after a long hiatus, Kimber completes her GRAND MASTER HUNTING title! Passing the final Master tests need, 6 in row. 

She is the only female Grand Master Hunter, Obedience Trial Champion, conformation Champion in the breed and the only the 4th female Grand Master Hunter in breed history.

I couldn’t have asked for anything more from my very special girl.

"If our dogs don't like you, we probably won't either"
- The Moran Family